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L.A. is a city on wheels, moving fast. It is a town where friendships and lovers are easily gained and lost. If you move across town, change jobs, or believe a lie, relationships can slip through your fingers and are gone forever. But if you are lucky a few true relations may last to survive the hubbub of egotism, pretense, envy, and deception. In this fast-paced tongue-in-cheek narrative we take a look into the life of Hal Golan, crack contributing editor at Angel City Magazine. Exposing corruption is his specialty. Love hits him between the eyes when the stunning, intrepid research analyst, Mari Carlson, enters his world. He thinks she is out of his league. But his buddies, Deuce and Big, think he ought to take a shot--he does and wins more happiness than he has ever known. The question is: Did he win her heart, or did she make him her mark? Is it real or is he a sucker? Was she just climbing up his back to reach her own means to survive before moving on? When he loses her through deception, she disappears. Finding the woman he lost becomes an obsession. Vengeance drives him to seek help from the mobsters that rule the underbelly of the city. He plots a mode of revenge that no one sees coming. He becomes entangled in crime. Will he go to prison or get away unscathed? Above all else, can he find Mari? Told with humor, wit, pathos, and insight into human nature, Supersized Blues is an L. A. Love story with an edge like no other. Crime, murder, and passion—just another eventful day in L.A. Recommended for ages 18 and above.

Supersized Blues

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